How to Display a Toast Message for Longer Time in Icegram?

Toast messages are shown for 10 sec by default.

But we have included a functionality to customise this time duration according to your needs in the Behaviour Triggers  & Advanced Retargeting addon of Icegram

In that set hide trigger of that message as “Time delay” , and set x number of seconds for which toast message will show.

Steps to customize the time duration of a Toast message

Step 1: Install and Activate Behaviour Triggers  & Advanced Retargeting

Step 2: Create a new campaign/ edit a previous campaign

Step 3: Go to the Show Trigger and Hide Trigger option in campaign editing panel.

Step 4: Set hide trigger of that message as “Time delay”, and set x number of seconds.

time delay

Step 5: Fill in other details of the campaign and hit preview.

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