How to add a Countdown Timer into the Icegram Engage Campaign?

There is nothing more powerful than seeing that the clock is ticking down. Countdown timers aren’t just for eCommerce sales – they can be applied to other campaigns as well. An Icegram campaign can now include a simple & elegant timer/rundown.

-Steps to follow:

Step 1: Install and Activate Icegram Engage Max.

Step 2
: Create New Campaign or Edit a previous campaign.

Step 3: Visit Display Rules > Countdown timer > Enable.

Step 4: Set the timer settings: Start Date, End Date with the Time (Eg 11/12/2022, 15:02).

Step 5: Copy the Shortcode [ig_countdown_timer] and Paste it anywhere in the message body in order to show the timer.

Step 6: Click on Save/Update.

Here’s an example video of adding the timer into the Icegram Pop-up.

Setting up and customizing the countdown

-Steps to follow:

Step 1: Enable the Countdown timmer.

Step 2: Navigate to Styling tab.

Step 3: Scroll down to Countdown Timer section. Style it according to your requirements, such as changing the layout, background color, text color, button, etc.

Step 4: Preview/Piblish.