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How to create an Inline message in Icegram Engage?


This message type is available in Icegram Engage Pro plan.

To create an Inline message, follow these steps:

Step 1: Install and activate Icegram Engage Pro.

Step 2: Select Icegram from your WordPress dashboard. Click 'Add New Campaign'.

Step 3: Select Message type as Inline and Click on Filter.

Step 4: Choose a readymade template and preview it.


Step 5: Click ‘Use This’ gallery item.


Step 6: Add or Edit the message content.


Step 7: Fill in other details like Button action and Form.

Step 8: Select Position to display the Inline message.

Step 9: Set Trigger as to when/how to show the Inline message.


Step 10: Configure the display rules.


Step 11: Save Draft / Publish the campaign.


Read more about the Inline message type.