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Which metrics can be split tested with Icegram Engage?

With the split-testing feature, unlimited variations of a campaign can be created within which any / all the metrics can be tested. You can split test a campaign with the main variation containing just a single message, and another variation containing three. Or whether a green colour CTA button is converting more than a blue colour CTA button. It's fully flexible.


This feature is available in the Max version of the plugin Get Icegram Engage Max →

Some Examples:

  • Message types – For example, which message type gets clicked the most – popup or action bar?

  • Headlines – Test and see which headline is catchier. Headline Variation 1: Sale ends tonight OR Headline Variation 2: Limited Period Offer

  • Form fields – Add/delete text fields. For example: What information are people willing to give easily? Phone number or email address?

  • Content – Experiment with various content and check which works better. For example, long form vs short form.

  • Images – Which one is more appealing? Animated gifs, human images or sketches?

  • Call to Action button label – “Sign me up” or “Get your Free Newsletter” – what converts better?

  • Themes and Colours – Experiment different themes, background and text colours.

  • Display timing – 5 seconds after page load or 10? What’s better?

  • Display position – Top or bottom? Before content or in footer?


Read more about Icegram Engage Split Testing feature.