How to trigger Icegram Engage messages on button or link click : With Icegram Engage Pro Plan


Step 1: Configure your campaign. Create a message and fill in details as usual.

Step 2: Go to the Show Trigger option and set it to Using JavaScript.

Step 3: Copy the JavaScript code shown after the “Show Trigger” dropdown. The code looks something like: window.icegram.get_message_by_id({message_id}).show();

Message button  Icegram Engage

Step 4: Add targeting rules and any other campaign settings as needed and save your campaign.

Step 5: Go to the page where this message would be displayed. Create your button or link and paste the JavaScript code in the onclick attribute.

Step 6: For buttons, the code may look like:
<button onclick="window.icegram.get_message_by_id({message_id}).show();return false;">Show me a Popup!</button>

Message shortcode

Step 7: For links, the code may look like:
<a href="#" onclick="window.icegram.get_message_by_id({message_id}).show();return false;">Show me a Popup!</a> 

For button code in Message  Icegram Engage
For example: Suppose the message id = 6344.
The code will look like:
<a href=”#” onclick=”window.icegram.get_message_by_id(6344).show();return false;”>   Show me a Popup!</a>

Make sure to ensure correct message id is present in the code, and that you are adding return false; after the code. Now test and verify everything is working as expected!
Congratulations! You’ve successfully implemented “Using Javascript” functionality of the Icegram Engage Pro plan.