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How to show a Popup using (or any other message type) when a user is inactive on the site

What is User Inactivity?

When a user come to your page but is no longer active (he has not closed the page yet) though, it is user inactivity.

At such times, show the user an Icegram Engage message to grab attention.

So, set any Icegram Engage message and show it to the user if he has been inactive on your website for X seconds.


This feature is available in Icegram Engage Pro plan.


Step 1: Install and Activate Icegram Engage Pro.

Step 2: Create New Campaign or Edit a previous campaign.

Step 3: Go to the Show Trigger option in the Campaign Editing Panel

Step 4: Set Show Trigger of that message as "User Inactivity" from the drop-down.


Step 5: Enter number of seconds in the adjoining box after which you want to show your message to the users.

Step 6: Fill in other details of the campaign and watch the preview.

Step 7: Publish / Update the campaign.


Read more about Icegram's Page Level Targeting / User Level Targeting feature.