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Analytics gets some design love – introducing Charts!

Picture v/s Data

Quick poll! Would you like to start off your day viewing dull numbers, data or would you prefer viewing a much colorful graph???

Well, most of us would blindly say “A graph” as it's more pleasing to look at and also much easier to understand. To further strengthen this assumption, a research concluded that visuals are processed 60,000X faster than text. And hence a graph is anyday more convenient than a truckload of digits/information!

We at Icegram tried putting this to use. And we are happy to announce the newest feature THE GRAPH in our Analytics dashboard 🙂

What to look out for?

Checkout the Analytics Dashboard. You will notice that the KPI's like impressions, conversions, conversions % are now shifted to the right making space for the graph.This analytics graph shows the daywise data.
Note: It will show data of the last 30 days only.

Benefits of the Graph

  • The graphical view is much simpler to understand and comprehend
  • You can quickly compare how the campaign is performing on a daily basis
  • Depending on the campaign performance you can instantly tweak it as and when required

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