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Automate Workflow and Reduce Chaos

The word “automation” conjures visions of cyborgs, machines, AI, robots — in other words, pretty much the opposite of organic or human.

And in the world of email marketing where personalized, customer-centric messaging is a must, the idea of using automation seems rather counterintuitive. In reality, using automation in email marketing enables you to create campaigns that speak to your audience on an even more personal level.

You can do Email Marketing Automation using Sequences (Autoresponders) of Email Subscribers

There are lots of other things that we can automate when it comes to Email Subscriptions.

Like, Add people to the email list when they signup to WordPress or when they contact you through Contact Form 7 or someone make a comment to your blog.

There are also other automation like remove from list if someone removed from WordPress.

Similarly, you can delete the contact from an email list when they are deleted from WordPress..

There are many more actions which we want to take based on some event happens in WordPress.

You can imagine how difficult it is if we have to do all the tasks manually. Keep a track of all events and then manually perform specific actions.

We know how hard it is and next to impossible if we have to do all these things manually.

So, to solve this problem we have introduced Workflows in Email Subscribers.

You can automate a whole lot of things using Workflows. It will save your time, energy and boost your productivity.

Here’s how it looks.


Here’s how you can create Workflow.

Add New Workflow
Add New Workflow

You can also integrate other WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, EDD (Easy Digital Downloads), Contact Form 7, WP Forms, Ninja Forms, Give with Email Subscribers PRO

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