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How to change/update/translate any texts from Icegram Express

Icegram Express has POT file named email-subscribers.pot present at /wp-content/plugins/email-subscribers/languages/. Use that with Loco Translate plugin to change / update / translate any text that you want. We have written a detailed translation guide which you can refer from here - How to Translate. Also, currently following translations are available inside plugin :

  • Catalan (ca) – Jordi Jorda
  • Czech (cs_CZ) – Martin & Tomas
  • German (de_DE) – Markus Buschmann
  • Spanish (es_ES) – David Bravo (bohemme), Fernando Pérez
  • French (fr_FR) – Serge
  • Hungarian (hu_HU) – Zsolt Edelényi
  • Lithuanian (lt_LT) – Andrius
  • Norwegian (nb_NO) – Helge Rosseboe
  • Polish (pl_PL) – Witold
  • Portuguese-Brazil (pt_BR) – Marcelo de Meneses Guedes
  • Swedish (sv_SE) – Rune Svennelid
  • Turkish (tr_TR) – Erkan ORUÇ

Translations on :

But these translations are not 100% completed. If you have completed translations for above languages, then you can

  1. either contribute to translation from here - Translate Icegram Express

  2. Or contact us to include it inside the plugin


Never translate plugin name while translating plugin in any language.

Translations not picking / showing up correctly

Firstly, make sure you have updated plugin to the latest version and have latest pot file.

Then locate translation file (po file) of that language and open it in Loco Translate. Now, locate the string whose translation is not appearing correctly. Delete that translation and write new translation for it. Save and download new po & mo files for that language. Then re-upload those new (po & mo) files and then have a check if it is working correctly.