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How to check Sent Emails

Icegram Express allows you to check sent emails (newsletter/notification details) with email preview on Reports menu.You can also check newsletter/notification status.

To check sent emails, navigate to Icegram ExpressReportsParticular reportView. The first screen will display details of all the newsletters/notifications sent or in queue so far. Click on any of the sent emails to check detailed statistics.

For Icegram Express version 4.6.6 and lower

Individual Campaign Report Icegram Express version 4.6.6

For Icegram Express version 4.6.7 and higher

Individual Campaign Report Icegram Express version 4.6.7

Benefits of Reports

  • One can take a glance of all email campaigns like how many emails are in queue, sending now or already sent. Also get the start & end date of a campaign

  • Can manually send campaign if it's not yet sent

  • Get the total contacts to whom campaigns will be sent

  • Total how many contacts  have opened your campaign and also get the details of each contact

  • Based on all these statistics one can determine which campaign worked and which did not.

Advance campaign analytics like daily open and click activity, country info, device info, link activity and more are available in Icegram Express MAX.