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How to Display the list of Past Newsletters on a Page?

We have added a new feature "Newsletter archive" to display the archives of sent newsletters on your WordPress website. With this feature, all past newsletters are automatically indexed in descending orders with the date and the subject of the email.

A perfect newsletter that your audience loves takes hours to write. Why would you hide them in subscriber inboxes? Instead of making them permanently and publicly available.

This feature can even be used for your own personal use if you have written hundreds of newsletters and would like to avoid duplicate topics, find dates of sending, get missed newsletters, etc.

Furthermore, it will increase conversion rates for subscribers. Your visitors to your website will be able to view your past newsletters and, if they find them relevant and useful, they will subscribe. Or They will learn about the type & quality of newsletters content you're sending.

Even it has SEO values where your content gets discovered organically on the search engine results page as well.

The newsletter archive can be enabled on any page. Simply copy and paste the shortcode below to display the archive.


Click here to understand how to add shortcodes on the WordPress page.