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Subscription types – Double Opt-in and Single Opt-in

Yes, that is possible. Subscription types are two types. They are:

  1. Single Opt-in and
  2. Double Opt-in

Single Opt-in: The single opt-in method is a one-step process and only requires a person to enter their email address one time in the subscription box on a website. When the single opt-in method is enabled, a contact fills out your subscription form, clicks submit, and their information is saved under Audience.

An advantage of the single opt-in method is that it doesn't require confirmation and the process is pretty quick.  Some users, especially our e-commerce customers who need an easier way to grow their audience quickly and sell more stuff use this method.

Double Opt-in: The double opt-in subscription method is a two step process that includes a confirmation step where visitors need to verify their email address by clicking the verification link. They receive a confirmation email where they must click to confirm that they want to subscribe before being added to the list. When the doubled opt-in method is enabled,

  1. A contact fills out your subscription form
  2. They receive the opt-in confirmation email, and click the link to confirm
  3. They're added to your audience as a subscribed contact, along with important information subscription date and name (if enabled).

An advantage of the double opt-in process is that you'll know the email address is for a valid, monitored inbox. We recommend double opt-in for businesses/organizations/professionals who aren't focused on audience growth, or who have had low open rates or higher rates of abuse complaints in the past.

Although, double opt-in has an additional step, it is still easy to subscribe and adds an additional layer for protection from spammers. Companies use a double opt-in process to satisfy regulations that may apply in the particular market or country in which they operate.

What is the difference between the two opt-in methods?

In simple words, the key difference is that a single opt-in doesn’t require a confirmation, and a double opt-in does require a confirmation.

How do I switch from Double Opt-in Single Opt-in or vice-versa?

You can switch from Double Opt-in to Single Opt-in under Settings. For that,

  1. Navigate to Icegram Express > Settings > General
  2. Look for the option Opt-in Type and choose Single Opt-in from the dropdown
  3. Click Save Settings

Your contacts will now subscribe without any verification.