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Reasons why you haven't received the test email

Email Deliverability

This depends on various factors like domain, email server reputation and content, etc. We recommend you to switch your mailer to SMTP for better deliverability.

We have users who reported issues with email sending due to a conflict with other plugins like WP Mail SMTP and incorrect credentials used to connect email server with those plugins. While we do not discourage to use such plugins, we recommend you to make sure the email server is connected properly and send a test email from that specific plugin to see if emails are reaching the destination.

Incorrect credentials

  • If you connect your email server through a third party SMTP plugin, make sure you send a test email using that plugin to see if it arrives the destination. Often, emails fail if the SMTP credentials are incorrect.

  • We allow administrators to use email sending services like Pepipost through their API key so make sure the connection is successful if you connect that way.

  • We have an option to connect with an email server or email sending service of your choice through the SMTP protocol. You can check with your web host or their support documentation for details on how to connect Email Subscribers with their mail server.

If the test email feature triggers an error or you are unable to receive the email despite making sure everything is configured correctly, you can conclude that there is an issue on the email server. 

Issue with email Server

  • On some servers, the PHP mail() function may not be activated or your web host may block it for reasons best known to them

  • Most web hosts and email sending services have restrictions on the number of emails you send in an hour and per a day. So if your lists are huge and you exceeded their limits, they drop the entire campaign abruptly or blocks your server temporarily.

You can further test by sending yourself a to see whether the WordPress setup is able to send emails . On entering your admin user name or the email address on the Password Reset page of the WordPress installation, you should normally receive an email to reset the password.

If you don't receive the password reset email, it means your mail server is not at all sending any emails. We recommend you to contact your web host or email service provider immediately and inform the same. They will be in a better position to check what is going on.

If you did receive the password reset email, do let us know. We will see what is going on.