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Troubleshooting - Why Can't I See the Detailed Stats?

If you're unable to view the Detailed Stats of your emails in Icegram, there are three possible reasons:

  1. Plugin Not Installed or Activated: Ensure that the Icegram Express Plugin is installed and activated on your WordPress site. If not, follow the instructions to manually install and activate the Premium plugin.

  2. Outdated Plugin Version: Check if you have the latest version of the Icegram Express Plugin. You can force the update to appear by going to WordPress Dashboard > Updates and clicking on the "Check for update" button. If this doesn't work, try deleting the old plugin and manually installing the latest version by uploading the .zip file from your Icegram account.

  3. Stats Tracking Feature Disabled: Verify that the "Open tracking" option in Icegram > Settings > Open Tracking is enabled. If you had this feature disabled while sending emails, enabling it later will only track stats for future emails, not for those already sent.