How to Import or Export Email Addresses

Using Email Subscribers plugin, you can import your existing list or export the current subscribers list to use it somewhere else.

Import Email Addresses

Using import option, you can import all your previous subscribers via a formatted text file (CSV) and get started.

Follow this steps to import email addresses :

Step 1 : Go to Email Subscribers -> Audience

Step 2 : You will see a button Import Contacts. Click on that button & you will be taken to this page,

Es Import subscribers

Step 3 : Click Choose file button in the page to upload CSV file.
Note : file should be CSV only & with following format :
Import or Export Email Addresses

Step 4 : After uploading CSV, select Status of your subscribers

Step 5 : Then Select (or) Create Group for Subscribers for them

Step 6 : Click on Upload CSV button to import / upload your subscribers data.

That's it! Your list is now imported.

Export Email Addresses

Using export option, you can download all the users into a formatted text file (CSV) for later import on another site, or for using particular emails of it in your ordinary mail client, or for migrating your WordPress site to another server.

Follow this steps to export email addresses :

Step 1 : Go to Email Subscribers -> Audience

Step 2 : You will see a button named Export Contacts. Click on that button & you will be taken to this page :

Es Export

Step 3 : Click on the list that you want to export.

That's it! Your list is exported in CSV format.

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