What are the available keywords in the Broadcasts

Using Icegram Express, you can send Broadcasts to your subscribers whenever you want.

Currently, the following keywords are available in the Broadcasts :

  1. {{NAME}} – use this to display name of the subscriber ( example: Hi {{NAME}} )
  2. {{FIRSTNAME}} – use this to display first name of the subscriber ( example: Hi {{FIRSTNAME}} )
  3. {{LASTNAME}} – use this to display last name of the subscriber
  4. {{EMAIL}} – use this to display email of the subscriber
  5. {{TOTAL-CONTACTS}} – use this to display total contacts on your blog
  6. {{SITEURL}} – use this to display url of your blog
  7. {{SITENAME}} – use this to display name of your blog

Need a keyword for the Broadcasts which is not available in the above list? Write to use from here along with a short description as to why you need it and why it will be useful for other users also. We may consider adding support for the same. 🙂