How to create form in Email Subscribers

From Email Subscribers version 4.0.
One can create different forms with new Email Subscribers and the use of those different forms for a different purpose.
Here are the steps to create new form in Email Subscribers
1: Navigate to Email Subscribers > Forms
2: Click on Add New
3: Then fill the form to create new form

      1. Form Name : Add the name of the form for reference
      2. Description : This will show above your form as a desciption of your form
      3. Form Feilds : Configure “Name” and “Email” feild either “require” or “visible”
      4. Lists : Contacts will be added into selected list(s)
      5. Allow contact to choose list(s) :Allow contacts to choose list(s) in which they want to subscribe.

Now here are steps to add a form to your site.

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