How to create form in Email Subscribers

You can create different forms with Email Subscribers and use it for different purposes.

Here are the steps to create a new form in Email Subscribers

  1. Navigate to Email Subscribers > Forms
  2. Click on Add New
  3. Now, you will see below screen

Now, fill following fields like

Form Name : Add the name of the form for your reference. It won't show up anywhere on website.

Description : This will show above your form as a description of your form. So, you can add any message you want to show to your subscribers.

e.g. “Join 15,000+ Members”, “Subscribe Now” etc..

Form Fields : There are two fields “Email & Name” you make it available for your subscribers.

From these two fields Email is a mandatory field while Name is an optional.

If you want to show “Name” field also, check the “Show” checkbox for name and if you want your subscribers have to fill it, make “Name” field mandatory by checking “Required?” checkbox of Name field.

Lists : Select the list in which you want your contacts should get added. It is mandatory select at least one list.

If you select “Sports”, your contacts will be added into “Sports” list.

If you select “Sports” & “Public”, your contacts will be added in two lists Sports & Public.

Allow contact to choose list(s) : This is very useful setting.

If you want to allow your contact to choose in which list they want to subscribe, please select “Yes” for this option.

If you don't want to allow your contacts to choose the list and want to add them into lists which you have selected before, please select “No”.

So, if you have selected “Sports” & “Public” from lists and set “Yes” for “Allow Contacts to choose list(s)”, lists Sports & Public will be visible to your contacts and if contact has selected only “Public”, he will be added into only “Public” list.

On the other side, if “No” is set for “Allow Contacts to choose list(s)”, contacts won't be able to see lists and therefore won't be able to select lists and will get added into both the lists Sports & Public.

This is how you can create a form using Email Subscribers.

There are various form validation checks included into free version of Email Subscribers. But, if you want to make your form more secure by adding captcha to the form, you can do it via Email Subscribers Premium.

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