How to setup Welcome Email in Icegram Express.

A Welcome Email is the first email you send to your new subscribers whenever they sign up for your email marketing. Administrators can edit and customize Welcome Email.

In this article, you’ll learn how to setup a welcome email.

  1. Login to your WordPress website and go to Icegram Express > Settings > Notifications
    Notification Settings
  2. Find the Welcome Email block at the top
  3. Toggle the button to Enable
  4. Enter the Subject and Content of the email
    You can use following keywords in order to personalise the mail – {{FIRSTNAME}}, {{LASTNAME}}, {{NAME}}, {{EMAIL}}, {{LIST}}, {{SITENAME}}
  5. Click Save Settings
    Welcome Email


  • You can add a link to your lead magnet or PDF file
  • The file can directly be uploaded to WordPress > Media or a file sharing service like Dropbox
  • In the case of double opt-in, this email will be triggered after the confirmation link is clicked
  • Currently, it does not support adding inline CSS style to the message.