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Protect Your Email List Using Email Subscribers Pro Captcha

Collecting emails on your website is important. There is a lot of hardwork which goes behind building a successful email list.

Right from creating the right strategy to working on the right copy and then targeting your email subscribers form in the right location.

However, in spite of doing all this homework, there could be one major loophole.

That’s spammers, bots! 🤖

Your email form can be attacked by bots that can contaminate your email list.

Once your email list is polluted by bots it will take manual effort, time and energy to clean up your list.

So why wait that long?

Instead, take valid precautions to safeguard your email forms from such bot attacks.

Here’s how Email Subscribers Pro combats bots…

Email Subscribers Pro plan has recently added CAPTCHA to all it’s email subscribers forms.

So the next time somebody tries signing up to your list, Email Susbcribers Pro will ask them to fill up an easy math captcha.

The captcha helps differentiate a human from a bot and ultimately keeps your email list free from spammers.

BTW, the CAPTCHA feature isn’t compulsory. It is set OFF by default.
And you can turn it on/off from the settings page based on your preference.
(According to me, keep it on)


Try it out! 👍

It’s a much-needed feature and many email services provide it to safeguard email lists. If you are an Email Subscribers user, go ahead and try this simple yet effective feature addition and get back with feedback.

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2 thoughts on “Protect Your Email List Using Email Subscribers Pro Captcha

  1. Is the CAPTCHA feature available on Pro edition only?

    1. Hi David,
      Yes, CAPTCHA feature is available in Email Subscribers Pro edition.

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