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How do I create a form in Icegram Express?

Icegram Express allows you to create & edit subscription forms for various purposes which you can customize and show to the visitors/users in multiple ways.

Steps to create a form are:

  1. Navigate to Icegram Express > Forms

  2. Click on Add New

  3. In the form creation screen, choose what you want to enable and edit the text

    1. Form Name: Add the name of the form for your reference. It won't show up anywhere on the website.

    Edit Form

    1. Description: This will show above your form as a description of your form. So, you can add any message you want to show to your subscribers, e.g., Join 15, 000+ Members, Subscribe Now, etc.

    2. Form Fields:

      • We offer two fields, Email & Name, for which you can add labels and placeholders
      • You can empty the label box if you want to use placeholders only
      • The Email field is mandatory, but the Name field is optional
      • You can enable/disable the name field anytime and make it "required"
      • You can edit the button field, e.g., from Subscribe to Update me
  4. Lists: Select the list to which you want your contacts to be added

    1. If you have Bikes, Cars, SUVs and Trucks as lists, choose at least one of them.

    2. If you select Cars & Trucks, contacts will be added to these two lists

  5. Allow contact to choose list(s): Toggle this to enabled if you want your visitors/contacts to choose the list(s) they want to subscribe to

    1. If you have selected Cars & Trucks in the Lists block and enabled this option, the two lists will be visible to your visitors/contacts

    2. After enabling two fields, e.g., Cars & Trucks and if the visitor/contact selects only Cars, he will be added only to the Cars list.

    3. Toggling the Allow Contacts to choose list(s) option to disabled forbids visitors to pick lists and they are added only to the selected lists in the Lilsts block.


  6. Captcha : There are various form validation checks included in the free version of Icegram Express, but we offer an option to enable captcha for better protection from spam with our paid plans. You can secure the form by enabling Captcha to block bots more effectively ( Available in Icegram Express Pro )

  7. Show GDPR consent checkbox: The plugin allows you to offer a GDPR consent checkbox for visitors if the laws in your country demand. You can customize the description for the checkbox with links and additional format in HTML.

  8. Click Save Changes to start using the form

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