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Why are my emails landing in spam folders?

This depends on various factors like domain, email server reputation and content, etc. We recommend you to check the following steps:

Misleading Email Subject

If the email has a subject that looks misleading or like spam, email service providers of recipients block it. Make sure that you set a clear intent in your message subject and avoid these words in the subject: Test, Hello, Testing, Urgent or similar.

Incorrect from headers

It’s a security measure followed by email service providers to prevent e-mail spoofing and scams. Email service providers often block or redirect emails to the spam/junk folder if the email server's domain is different from the Sender address.

In this case, emails go out of the email server without any problem, but the recipient’s email service provider may block or mark the email as spam based on their security policies and predefined rules. To avoid the issue, we recommend setting up an email address that matches your domain as a sender address. Let’s say your blog is, then your "From" address should be,

from address

Email Deliverability

You can simply switch the mailer from WP Mail to SMTP that lets you connect the plugin to your email server using the SMTP protocol. Please note that the option to use the SMTP protocol is available with our Starter and Pro packages.