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Icegram Express FAQ

You would need to modify the domain name in your WordPress database for opt-in (subscribe), opt-out (unsubscribe) link and and cron url. To do so follow these steps :

  1. Firstly make sure you are using the latest version of Icegram Express (following steps won't work if you are not on the latest version)

  2. Open your database (if you are not aware, contact your Host Provider / System Administrator)

  3. Now go to <prefix>wp_options table

  4. Search for the three rows having option_name as

    (a) ig_es_optinlink

    (b) ig_es_unsublink

    (c) ig_es_cronurl

  1. Replace your old domain name with the new domain name (in the option value of all three options) and click on save.

2. How to re-send new post notification emails for already published blog post?

If you want to re-send notification emails for an already published blog post, then follow these steps :

  1. Go to your published blog post, edit it and put it in draft

  2. Make any changes (adding category, any correction - if needed) and re-publish your blog post

That's it. Notification will go on re-publishing that blog post provided that blog's category is selected to send notifications (from Icegram Express -> Post Notifications). Detailed steps from here.

3. How to turn off new post notification emails on plugin activation?

By default, subscribers subscribed via Icegram Express, will receive email updates when you post a new blog. You can turn these updates off by following this steps: Icegram Express -> Post Notification -> Edit -> Select Notification Status when a new post is published -> Disable -> Save.

4. How to send new post notification email for already published post?

Open an already published post. Check category of the post. Then go to Icegram Express -> Post Notifications and add that category (if not already added) in the post notification that you are using. Save it.

Now go to post that you have published. Put it in draft, make some changes (optional) and re-publish the blog. This way email will send to your subscribers notifiying them about new blog published.

5. How can I make Subscribe form of Icegram Express inherit my WordPress theme style?

Use our free WordPress plugin to inherit your WordPress theme style - Rainmaker.
Rainmaker also has mutiple form designs for readymade and custom subscription forms.

Icegram Express and Rainmaker are also compatible with each other. Integrate Icegram Express and Rainmakerby following steps from here : How to use Rainmaker’s form in Icegram Express

6. My emails are ending up in SPAM folder.

Follow this steps :

  • Configure all emails being sent from your server to use SMTP. Using SMTP settings to send mails enables you to use receive emails in inbox. WordPress repo has many freely availale SMTP plugins, use any one of the following :

  • WP Mail SMTP

  • Easy WP SMTP

  • Easy SMTP Mail

  • Don’t use a free email address as your "from" email, instead use email same as your domain name (let’s say your blog is, Your "From" should be or Setting available in Icegram Express -> Settings -> Sender of Notifications, to change this from email.

For more detailed solution, read our blog - Top Ways To Prevent Your Email From Landing In Customer’s Spam Folder

7. I'm getting an error 'There was a problem with the request'/ 'Please try again after some time'.

Please update Icegram Express to version 3.4.10+ as the same issue is fixed in that release.

8. While composing & sending an email, I'm seeing extra line breaks in the email. Also, styling on 'p' tag is not reflecting in email.

Please update Icegram Express to version 3.3.6+ as the same issue is fixed in that release.

Adding, WordPress will automatically insert <p> and </p> tags which separate content breaks. If you want or need to remove these, you can use either of the following code snippets.

  1. To completely disable the wpautop filter, you can use: remove_filter('the_content', 'wpautop');
  2. If you still want this to function try adding a later priority value to your filter something like: add_filter('the_content', 'removeEmptyParagraphs', 99999);

9. I'm getting an error 'Security Check Failed'.

You are seeing this because you may have huge list of Subscribers. Update Icegram Express to v3.2+ as the same issue is fixed in it.

Still not working after updating plugin?

Please contact your Host Provider or System Administrator and tell them to increase size of PHP Max Input Vars. Tell them to keep the size more than the number of subscribers you have (i.e. if you have 1500 subscribers, the PHP Max Input Vars should be 1550+). This will solve the issue.