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The plugin is a software that generates and tells the server to send emails using the email server and email protocol of your choice. When you setup the plugin, it starts using the mail server which your WordPress setup uses via WP Mail.

You can switch your mailer from WP Mail to SMTP and connect an email server or email sending service of your choice for better email deliverability.

If you have huge subscription lists or often run campaigns, we recommend using a dedicated mail server or sign up to a third-party email service like Pepipost for smoother delivery whose plans start with $9 per month. You can choose Sendgrid or Sendinblue who offer their basic plans for free if you don’t want to pay for a paid email sending service.

email service like Pepipost

Connecting through SMTP

SMTP is a protocol that helps you send and receive emails from a mail server. We offer an option to configure any of your email servers using this protocol. The email server can be simply a free Yahoo email service or your web host's email server or a third party email sending service like Pepipost.

Most service providers have documentation on how to connect to the server/service offered by them via SMTP. You can refer to their support docs or contact their support staff for credentials.

To connect,

  1. Go to Icegram Express > Settings > Email Sending

  2. Scroll to the bottom to see a list of mailers as shown in the screenshot and click on the SMTP icon

click on the SMTP icon

  1. Enter the credentials as instructed by your service provider

The option to connect the plugin to your server through SMTP is available with our paid plans starting from 9 USD per month.