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How to send test email from Icegram Express

The plugin allows you to send a test email so that you will know whether emails are going out and reaching the destination.

Steps to send test email are:

  1. Navigate to Icegram Express > Settings > Email Sending

  2. In the input box next to Send Test Email, enter any email address you have access to and click Send Email

  3. Check the status below the input box and check your email inbox (to which the test email is sent to)


You should normally see the following status

Send email test

Wait for a couple of minutes and check for the test email titled Icegram Express: Test email to in your inbox.If you see the above message and couldn't find it in inbox or spam folders, please report us the issue. We will see what is going on.

If you see a warning like "Could not instantiate mail function", when you send the test email, we recommend you to contact your webhost or the email sending service to check for any issues on the server.