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How to show subscribe form inside a popup of Icegram Express

If you want to show Icegram Express subscribe form inside a popup, then use our free WordPress plugin Icegram.

What is Icegram?

Icegram is the all-in-one Free WordPress plugin for onsite visitor engagement using popups, header/footer bars, notifications, messengers (and much more). It captures leads, optins and grabs visitors' attention.

How to use Icegram Express with Icegram?

Using Icegram, you can show / schedule popup to show on any page or post upon loading of it. Use Icegram Express shortcode inside Icegram's popup (or any other message type) to show the subscribe form.

For detailed setup, refer bellow steps

Step 1: Install and activate both Icegram Express and Icegram

Step 2: Find form select box of Icegram Express in Icegram's campaign edit section and select for you want to integrate into Icegram's message.

Edit Campaign Icegram WordPress

Step 3: change the form design option if you want.

That's it!

Our Recommendation

Follow steps 1 & 2 listed here to show subscribe form inside Icegram -
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