How to Create and Send Broadcast Emails

Before sending any Newsletter email to your subscriber, you first need to create the email content, using Email Subscribers -> Templates menu.

Note: If you are using Email Subscribers version lower than 3.4.0, then check this article – How to Compose and Send Newsletter Emails instead of below.

For Version 4.0 and Higher

Step 1 : First you need to create Template for Broadcast. Here is the link how to Create Template

Step 2 : Then navigate to Email Subscribers > Campaigns and click on “Send Broadcast”.

Step 3 : Select List, Temaplate to be sent.

Step 4 :Finally, click on Send Broadcast button to send your Broadcast.

For version lower than 4.0

How to create Newsletter Emails?

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Email Subscribers -> Templates
  2. Either Add New Template or Edit an existing Newsletter email
    Newsletter Emails
  3. Write your email content
  4. Click on Publish/Update
    That’s it! Your newsletter is created.

How to send Newsletter Emails?

  1. First, make sure that you have created newsletter content by following above steps
  2. Then go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Email Subscribers -> Newsletters
  3. Select newsletter’s subject which you have created (Only Newsletter Emails are displayed on this page).
    Newsletter Emails
  4. Select Email Type.
    If you have a huge list of subscribers, we strongly recommend that you to use
    (a) “Send email via cron job” method (Learn more – How to Schedule Cron Emails) Or
    (b) Use any of the freely available SMTP plugins and “Send email immediately“.
  5. Select subscribers group. Each subscriber’s emails are stored into a particular group. After selecting group, it will also show you the number of Recipients in that group to which you are sending email.
  6. Finally, click on Send Email button to send your newsletter.

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