How to Create and Send Broadcast Emails

Step 1 : First you need to create Template for Broadcast. Here is the link how to Create Template

Step 2 : Then navigate to Email Subscribers > Campaigns and click on “Send Broadcast”.

Step 3: Fill the broadcast details

    1. Name: Give a name for reference to the broadcast.
    2. From Email: By default, it will be fetched from an email from settings. But you can change if you want from here.
    3. Design Template: Select the template if you have already created it. It will feel the body content from there which you can change it later.
    4. Subject: It will appear as the subject of your email to be sent.
    5. Pre Header: It will appear as a pre-header text for your email.
    6. Body: Actual email content to be sent.
    7. Recipient: Select list you want to send email to
    8. Preview email in a browser: For a preview, this email in browser click this button

send broadcast email

Step 4 : Finally, click on Send Broadcast button to send your Broadcast.

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