How to send a sample new post notification email to a testgroup/myself

Follow this steps to send a sample new post notification email only to a testgroup :

Step 1 : Go to Email Subscribers -> Subscribers. Add a new subscriber with your email address and create a new group for the same.

Step 2 : Go to Email Subscribers -> Post Notifications. Select your new post published template and click edit.

Step 3 : Go to Notification Status and select Disable notification from the dropdown. By doing so, the notification will not get send to your current subscribers group. If you are using more than one template for different subscribers groups disable them too (Remember to enable them after testing).

Step 4 : Go to Email Subscribers -> Post Notifications -> Add New. Select the newly created dummy subscriber group from the dropdown, select your notification mail, check the post categories under which you are going to publish the test post, and set notification status as Send Email Immediately and then click submit.

Step 5 : Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Posts. Add a new post for testing with your content in it, select the category and publish it.

That’s it. The notification will be sent only to the testgroup.

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