How to create new template for Post Notification or Broadcast

Before sending any Broadcast or Post Notification email to your subscribers, you first need to create the email content.

Steps to add a new ‘Template’ for Post Notification or Broadcast.

Step 1: Navigate to Email Subscribers → Campaigns → Manage Templates

Step 2: Click on “Add New Template” OR edit an existing template.

Step 3: Add or edit the title and select the template type below the title.

Step 4: Add or edit the content in the message body. You can also use keywords available for Email Template according to the template type.

Check available keywords for templates here.

Step 5: Add or edit the thumbnail of the template. The option should be available at the bottom right of the screen ( You can see thumbnail in the table shown in Step 2 )

Step 6: You can Publish and Preview the template to see how it looks