How to configure SMTP to send emails in Email Subscribers plugin?

You can use your host as the mail server, and enter the SMTP server settings provided by the hosting company. Most hosting providers have documentation on how to connect to the server/service offered by them via SMTP. You can refer to their support docs or contact their support staff for credentials.

  • SMTP Host – This is the SMTP host address provided by your hosting company.
  • Encryption – The encryption method used by your mail server to send emails. Usually, it is TLS.
  • SMTP Port – This is the port used by the outgoing mail server.
  • Authentication – Needs to be Yes
  • SMTP Username – This is usually the email address you are using to send emails
  • SMTP Password – This is the password for the email account you are using to send emails.

These settings are required to connect with any SMTP server. However, their values may differ from one hosting company to another.

Configure SMTP in Email Subscribers to Send Emails

Now that you’ve got your SMTP details, you can prepare Email Subscribers to start using SMTP for sending emails.

Step 1: Go to Email Subscribers → Settings → Email Sending

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom to see a list of mailers as shown in the screenshot and click on the SMTP icon

Step 3: Enter the credentials as instructed by your hosting provider

Step 4: Save the Settings

Step 5:  Done! You can now try sending a test email from the option provided just above Select a mailer to send mail in Settings. After sending the email, you should see a success message. If you check the inbox for that email address, you should receive the email for this test.

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