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Common email sending problems

Misleading Email Subject

If the email has a subject that looks misleading or like spam, email service providers of recipients block it. Make sure that you set a clear intent in your message subject and avoid these words in the subject: Test, Hello, Testing, Urgent or similar.

Incorrect from headers

It’s a security measure followed by email service providers to prevent e-mail spoofing and scams. Email service providers often block or redirect emails to the spam/junk folder if the email server's domain is different from the Sender address.

In this case, emails go out of the email server without any problem, but the recipient’s email service provider may block you based on their security policies and predefined rules. To avoid the issue, we recommend setting up an email address that matches your domain as a sender address as shown in the screenshot for smoother experience, e.g.,

Incorrect from headers

Alternatively, you can simply switch the mailer from WP Mail to SMTP that lets you connect the plugin to your email server using the SMTP protocol. Please note that the option to use the SMTP protocol is available with our Pro and Max packages.

Email Deliverability

This depends on various factors like domain, email server reputation and content, etc. We recommend you to switch your mailer to SMTP for better deliverability.

We have users who reported issues with email sending due to a conflict with other plugins like WP Mail SMTP and incorrect credentials used to connect email server with those plugins. While we do not discourage to use such plugins, we recommend you to make sure the email server is connected properly and send a test email from that specific plugin to see if emails are reaching the destination.

Email Scheduling

Scheduling Broadcasts and other campaigns require cron job. While we handle cron on paid versions, the free version expects WP cron to check for scheduled emails so we recommend you to keep WP cron enabled all the time under Icegram Express > Settings > Email Settings.

Some webhosts like Godaddy do not enable loopback requests, so you may need to contact them to turn them on to make this work.

What is cron?

Cron jobs are scheduled tasks that the system runs at predefined times or intervals. Typically, a cron job contains a series of simple tasks that the system runs from a script file and it is required for Icegram Express to schedule emails.

WordPress comes with its own cron system which allows WordPress websites to perform scheduled tasks and we use that on the free package for email scheduling. We recommend you to keep it enabled all the time unless you want to upgrade to our paid plans.

cron job contains

However, WP cron is not reliable for email scheduling, so we recommend you upgrade toIcegram Express' Pro or Max to send emails reliably. After upgrading to Icegram Express' Pro or Max plans, our cron server checks your pending queues every 5 minutes and it will take care of the email queues you have, so you can just sit back and relax.

In simple words, we recommend your own cron on the free version or ours on paid plans for reliability. Alternatively, you can set up a cron on your server as directed here.