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Subscribers are not receiving Emails

Sometimes, the new blog post that you are publishing, it's notification emails (or any other emails from Icegram Express like - Confirmation Emails, Newsletter Emails, Admin Emails etc) are not received by your subscribers. To find the cause of it & solve, we recommend you have a check with following steps.

Tell your Subscribers to check in their SPAM/JUNK folder

This is most common cause of the issue i.e. emails often ends up in SPAM/JUNK folder.

Every subscriber's server is different and may apply different spam filtering criteria for the messages being received. By following some simple steps you can reduce the chance of email being filtered.

  • Don’t use a free email address as your "from" email, instead use email same as your domain name (let’s say your blog is, Your "From" should be or Option available in Settings, to change "from" email (Our recommendation : Use free SMTP plugins to send emails)

  • In newsletters, don’t include links that use link shortening services

  • Check Google details :

Plugin Settings

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Icegram Express.

  • If it is new post notification email,

    1. then make sure that you have followed all the steps listed here.

    2. also, check that the new post that you are publishing, that category is checked under the Notification tab. Because if that category is not checked, then post published to that category won't be sent to subscribers.

  • Check your subscriber's email status - Icegram Express sends your Newsletters/Notification to the user with Subscribed status. So, make sure your subscriber's status is  Subscribed. You can check it under your Icegram Express → Audience.

  • Use different subscriber email types to test emails - just for testing, create one sample notification and try sending it to 1 or 2 subscribers (including yourself) and to a different domain (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) and confirm all the subscribers are receiving the emails or not.

  • Change your Email Type - Go to WordPress Dashboard → Icegram Express → Settings → Mail type. If it was HTML then try switching to PLAINTEXT & vice-versa and have a check. Also, switch from WP to PHP (& vice-versa) and have a check again.confirmed ( This option is available in Icegram Express version 4.1.15 and lower)

  • Check if any other plugin or theme is conflicting with Icegram Express. Refer Self Service Guide for troubleshooting steps.

  • If you are sending emails using Cron, (Learn more about Cron from here) then contact your System Administrator / Host Provider and ask them what is the hourly/daily limit of sending emails. If you are crossing that limit, then change your setting. For that go to Icegram Express → Settings → Email sending.

Number of Subscribers

If you have a huge list of Subscribers, we strongly recommend that you use either of the listed two methods,

  1. Use SMTP plugin to send emails WP repository has many SMTP plugins that are freely available. You can use any of the following,

  2. Send email via Cron 


    This feature is available in Icegram Express Pro plan.

    Icegram Express provides you a Cron url which you can configure on your server (tell your Host Provider to set it up for you). Learn more about what is Cron & how to configure Cron : How to Schedule Cron Mails

Host/Server End Settings

Sometimes, there is a delay of sending emails from the server due to excess number of emails being send as there may be limit to your server to send bulk mails. Have a check with your Host Provider / System Administrator if

  • the emails are being send, by checking in the email log file

  • the emails are getting bounced from the server

  • your host provider has not blocked email domains to whom you are sending notifications

If your Host Provider is blocking the emails that you are sending, then try sending emails in Plain Text format instead of HTML format (WordPress Dashboard -> Icegram Express -> Settings -> Mail type) and check.If your Host Provider is not blocking the emails that you are sending and you are getting emails successfully send notice and record of emails send in email log file also, then there is a possibility that your Subscriber's Host Provider is blocking the emails.


Icegram Express prepares email content and sends it to your server. It is your server's job to send that email successfully.